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The Super Bowl truly brings us some of the most memorable moments of the year. Sure, the event has a few thrills like the hysterical memes that set social media ablaze, but it’s all about one of sports biggest spectacle unfolding, right? Well, no. It’s actually about the completely unpredictable and sometimes god-awful ads that we love (and love to hate).

Here at Resolve, we’re very passionate about divisive and delectable content. So, naturally, we have to offer our two cents on the best, the worst and the absolute mind-boggling advertisements that were broadcasted to over 100 million people. So without further ado, here are our hot takes on the 2022 Super Bowl advertisements (and yes, we did disagree with one another quite strongly).


Best: Gilette

Why is this the best? I mean, have you seen it? I can almost guarantee you Kendrick Lamar’s Humble was in their list of shot references. By far the best use of technology and creativity whilst still being able to tell a story within 30”. It may be an ad made for those of us in the industry but I love a robot shot any day of the week.

Worst: Coinbase

Listen, I get it. Super Bowl spots are expensive. But aren’t we over the gimmick ad? A QR code floating around the screen for 30” isn’t telling me anything about your brand. It’s very much giving me 2000s screensaver. I get that the one good thing Covid has done is revive (or bring to life) QR codes, but without a purpose, there’s no reason to use one. Sorry Coinbase, this one missed the mark for me.


Best: Squarespace

The setting, the styling, the editing, Zendaya. Sally sold seashells at the seashore - how could I resist? To me this is the best use of taking the concept to its limit with boiling everything “seashells” down to a concentrated, delicious and shell-lebration of what Squarespace does best. *Shucks*

Worst: Amazon (Alexa)

Unpopular opinion - this is so done - very boring. The only draw card here is Scarlett and Colin, whom for both I can use first names because that is how famous they are. All the bits were really stale and I don’t want to call out that Colin is the head writer of SNL but this is what it really felt like. What a waste of money.

Honourable Mention: Coinbase

Welcome to our first controversy. Ummm, this was clever. I bet you this is an ad that can boost clickthrough rate because that was the only thing people saw on screen accompanied by an absolute bop of a tune. Not to mention it hits right in the corner before cutting to their endframe. GENIUS!


Best: Lays

I mean if you are not turned on by funny, white Jewish men in their mid 40’s are you even living? There is a reason Paul Rudd is the current People's Sexiest Man Alive. But seriously, I find this ad so funny. I love how they made the ad feel like a movie jumping from scene to scene.

Worst: Coinbase

I mean there is nothing famous, visual or funny. There is nothing going on here. I can see why this is getting called out but maybe that is what they were aiming for? With all the ads being so exciting, you decide the only way to stand out is to be the worst? Hmm, I smell a stunt. And it could have worked, but don’t make me work to see the ad. Chances are I’m doing something else on my phone.

Honourable Mention: Hellman’s

Skete is in the ads and that is very topical atm. Side note - do we think Kanye saw this ad through his perforated Balenciaga face mask?


Best: FTX

I can’t believe no one has picked this as their favourite yet, this was a masterpiece, the direction was amazing. Using Larry David, an iconic *grumpy* comedian to star in a commercial for a product that is such a hot topic at the moment, will not only spark online debate, but I can only imagine FURY amongst some. Clever stuff, also it was really funny.

Worst: Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts

This ad had so much potential and I love the actors, it just didn’t hit. The opening scene had me so excited for more, but then I was distracted and thought it was an ad for a live streaming platform, and then there was endless loud chewing audio, and then I was gone.


Best: Toyota

Amazing story! The way it was shot from their childhood upbringing to accomplishing their dreams. 10/10. And also, Belle took my first choice. Cheers, Belle.

Worst: Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts

I’ll keep it short and sweet, unlike this ad. Not funny.


Best: UberEats

Honestly, the reason I love this ad was because it was memorable - namely for the fact that watching everyone eat all those ‘not eats’ made me want to gag and turn away, but at the same time made me keep looking back to see what crazy thing they would try eating next. I think it was a great way to make this expanded concept of UberEats’ stick in people’s minds, especially with the use of the TikTok viral Oh No track.

Worst: T Mobiles Dolly Parton & Miley Cyrus Anthem

I did not resonate with this ad at all. Like save the phones? What? For me, there was no impact.


Best: UberEats

For a service known for its food delivery, UberEats sure as hell delivered (I’ll see myself out) that they’re a brand who does more than just that. From the use of the viral TikTok song “Oh No” to the spot-on casting of pop culture icons Jennifer Coolidge and Gwyneth Paltrow, this is an ad that’s so memorable for not taking itself too seriously by tapping into a multitude of generations. It well and truly served (I couldn’t resist). Also, I’m a sucker for pop culture nostalgia.

Worst: Taco Bell

First and foremost, I’d like to go on record and say I love Doja Cat. But I’m sorry, I genuinely hate clowns. I don’t get this at all. Part of me believes it’s a dig at McDonald’s, but your honour, that’s a reach. If there’s one (actually, two) things I’ll take from this is how much I actually love Doja Cat and her rendition of ‘Celebrity Skin’ by Hole. But that’s not the point, is it? Swing and a miss for me.

And there you have it! And no, this isn’t a “we hate Coinbase” blog post.

Joshua Campbell is a content coordinator at Resolve. He loves instigating friendly beef, so you could tell he frothed everyone disagreeing.

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