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  • Angelica Pirotta


Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Why you Need a Covid Proof Marketing Strategy

From the inception of interactive media platforms to today, the ability to decipher the digital media landscape has become increasingly more difficult. The question of “What should we do?'' and “How should we go about it?”, when capturing the attention of consumers has continued to challenge the minds of marketers. The intrusion of Covid-19 saw a drastic change in individual usage of social media platforms, resulting in a new age of marketing - one that would require marketers to analyse new consumer behaviours and reevaluate their strategies. This blog post will outline the nuance of the modern digital consumer and how they will continue to affect media targeting plans, while discerning ways to covid proof your marketing strategy:

  1. Utilise User Generated Content

  2. Engage your audience

  3. Deliver positive messages

From the beginning of Covid-19, lockdowns have forced consumers to remain indoors, therefore, they have had to find new ways to keep themselves informed and entertained. Smart Insights revealed that 53.6% of the world's population uses social media and on average, they use social media for 2 hours and 25 minutes each day. However, rather than increase their advertising spend, companies drastically pulled back on their marketing expenditure as the effects of the corona virus started to evolve.

According to a further study, conducted by Smart Insights in July 2021, 43% of people are spending more time on social media. This monumental increase in online and digital activities highlights the need for marketers to remain up to date with these current trends. Consumers rely, more than ever, on their digital universes to remain informed, and while this may help protect your short term profits, it can dramatically affect both your long term firm performance and your brand loyalty. As competitors endeavour to reduce their digital marketing activities, they also reduce the static noise for your consumers, resulting in a market share void, which you may capitalise upon.

Utilising User Generated Content

With the rise of the democratisation of content and information through platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Youtube, people are no longer just consuming content but are now creating and publishing their own. This kind of content, known as User-Generated Content (UGC) has taken over traditional advertising methods. You may be wondering, what is the big deal? Why would consumers want to see content created by ordinary people rather than a professional, well-thought-out advertisement? The answer - authenticity through social proofing.

Covid played a big part in making consumers question whether they should trust certain brands. According to SMA Marketing, between 70% and 80% of users completely ignore paid advertisements. Moreover, not only do most users ignore this kind of content, but they are also more likely to distrust a brand that is self-promoting. Consumers trust each other much more than they trust you.

Creating engaging content

In addition to gaining the trust of your consumers, creating engaging content is also key when it comes to retaining your audience. If consumers are not engaged by your content they will have no reason to stay around. Recent trends have revealed that compelling video content is one of the most powerful online advertising tools. Consumers not only remember videos for longer but they also share them more frequently, mimic the trend, and make it their own. This highlights the opportunity for video content to be utilised as a means of engagement, communication and retention.

Deliver positive messages

Along with these uncertain times, comes a general sense of pessimism and unenthusiasm. As more and more people stray online, they are turning to social media platforms and content for positive and hopeful messages. Brands who take the initiative to display themselves as empathic and supportive, will be able to develop positive associations with their consumers. In addition, studies show that positive social media marketing messages increase online shoppers’ sensory optimism. By utilising social media in order to create positive marketing messages, consumers will be drawn to your brand, even in a post Covid world.

The current digital economy demands that businesses remain in touch with consumer wants. Capitalising on user generated content, creating engaging posts and delivering positive messages will allow your brand to build a marketing strategy which is well on its way to being Covid Proof.

Angelica Pirotta is a Content Coordinator at Resolve Content.

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