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Live Comfortably - Brand Relaunch


We rebuilt a vital information hub for women with heavy periods, providing a new look and feel while retaining seamless functionality.

Providing women with the resources they need to take action

The Challenge

For women with heavy periods, Hologic’s Live Comfortably site provides vital resources and support. To ensure women could still access and navigate the site with ease, we undertook a complete redesign. Our objective was to update our previously created Wear White Again website with their new refreshed look-and-feel in line with the brand’s updated ‘Live Comfortably’ brand platform. An easy-to-understand layout and seamless functionality needed to be prioritised.

The Approach 

Utilising existing content, we were able to update the site, minimising excess costs without compromising on quality. The site was re-built on flexible hosting software, allowing for future adaptability and change as needed.

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