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headspace Australia


Always-on TikTok Production


We developed and implemented an engaging TikTok content strategy for headspace Australia – tackling mental health issues where young people are spending their time.

Cementing headspace as a go-to resource for Australia’s young people

The Challenge

As TikTok cemented its place within Australia’s youth culture, headspace needed to assert a strong and meaningful presence on the platform.

The Insight

TikTok is a double-edged sword. While social media can serve as a source of support for young people, it also perpetuates mental ill health.

The Approach 

Telling young people to ‘get off’ social media isn’t a viable way to encourage mental health action. If we want to connect meaningfully, we need to connect on platforms they frequent in a language they understand. We produce monthly content across three key pillars that successfully increase mental health literacy, inform young Australians about the help available to them and increase affinity with headspace and its services.

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