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CanToo Foundation


FY24 Brand Campaign


Harnessing the power of community spirit, we created a suite of testimonial videos and social ads encouraging Aussies to register for fundraising training programs.

Creating feel-good content for a feel-good cause

The Challenge

Launching their first campaign, fundraising and fitness program CanToo needed to build brand awareness while driving registrations to their training programs.

The Approach

If you can see it, you can be it. If they can do it, I Can Too!

The Approach

Resolve produced testimonial content that both detailed what the program was about , and how it positively impacted those who took part - two important factors in driving registrations down the line. 

Video content featuring both swim and run testimonials went live across CUTV, YouTube and Meta, with a suite of stills assets produced and creatively optimised to drive registrations to each individual event throughout the campaign period.

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