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Embarking on an exciting venture with Animals Australia and HSquared Production in 2020, Resolve brought to life the first season of Freshly Picked on Channel 10. Resolve took up the opportunity to work with our host, MasterChef grand finalist Simon Toohey, as he cooked up a storm in the 100% plant-based Freshly Picked kitchen. Every episode showcases the myriad of delicious and versatile ingredients the plant kingdom has on offer, as well as the Aussie farmers producing them.


TV Production


Animals Australia




Over the course of the last two years, the team have located exciting and new locations, dedicated food producers, and unbelievable plant based recipes (thanks Simon!)

With Season 3 now on air, with 50 episodes by March 2022, you can watch Freshly Picked on Channel 10 weekdays at 3:30 pm, or find all the episodes on 10Play.

FPST_S2_Ep08_Vegan Ramen_1L0A4490.jpg
FPST_S2_EP20_Potato _ Bean Stew with Spiced Almonds_1L0A5783.jpg
FPST_S2_EP17_Strawberries _ Cream Doughnuts_1L0A6493.jpg
FPST_S2_EP12_Smoked Mushroom Kebabs_1L0A5692.jpg
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