Dementia Australia’s ‘Dementia Action Week’ community management project saw us monitoring over 50 creatives across three different platforms. Through a well-developed risk averse plan where we anticipated potential comments and possible negative interaction, we were able to provide responsive engagement.


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Dementia Action week (DAW) is the biggest week in the year for Dementia Australia. Dementia Australia utilises this week to share simple and practical tips to give support to people living with dementia, as well as carers, friends and  family members and healthcare professional and increase awareness of dementia in order to overcome discrimination.

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For this project we monitored over 50 different creatives across Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. A crucial part of this project was engaging with our audience on a personal level through social community management. Prior to DAW commencing we developed templated responses and risk aversion protocols in order to engage with the audience in an effective and efficient way. This saw us anticipating potential comments or queries and writing our templated responses, as well as an escalation system. This setup allowed us to react and engage with comments in a timely manner.

We engaged with 198 comments across the campaign period, from audiences sharing their personal experiences, to seeking help and support from Dementia Australia.