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From September 2020 Resolve has independently managed the communities of headspace, for audiences spanning young people to government officials. From this time, we have developed our processes resulting in a streamlined approach to engage with young people in a way that makes them feel safe and heard.


Community Management






Since headspace’s inception they have been devoted to filling the gap in mental health support to young people from the ages of 12-25, by providing tailored services. With a focus on early intervention, headspace works with young people to provide support at a crucial time in their lives – to help get them back on track and strengthen their ability to manage their mental health in the future. As a result, community management has been crucial in engaging with young people through social media and responding to their questions and concerns with sensitive but informative information.  This process allows us to help headspace continually meet the evolving and unique needs of young people, keeping young people at the centre of headspace’s mission.


Resolve has been working with headspace in developing a two-way communication system that addresses the individual concerns and queries brought forward by their community. Our community management process for headspace involves monitoring all their social channels - instagram, facebook, twitter and youtube - twice daily. In collaboration with headspace, we developed templated responses which address common questions asked by young people and aim to provide them with as much information as possible. By filtering through comments daily, we are also able to filter out any trolling, removing the risk of tarnishing the brand's image. This clear and constant support has built continued trust between headspace and young people.

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